5 Easy Ways a Dad Can Connect With His Teen Daughter’s Heart

5 Easy Ways a Dad Can Connect With His Teen Daughter’s Heart September 25, 2018

**This article is part of our August and September 2018 Guest Blog series. During a particular intense ‘sandwich generation’ season (launching my daughter to college and my son to high school, helping my parents move to Atlanta, and tackling a major research deadline), I am taking this opportunity to introduce my readers to the insight of some key partners. Enjoy!**

The relationship between father and daughter can be a beautiful thing. But it can also be a bit fragile. Once she hits adolescence, a dad faces the harsh reality that his daughter is no longer “daddy’s little girl.”

While she used to crawl up on his lap and hang on his every word, she now seems distant. While she used to think his jokes were hilarious, now they are an embarrassment.

During the teen years, a girl still needs her dad…perhaps more than ever. But the old man has to work extra hard and to stay involved in her life. Here are a few suggestions:

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