How Do Husbands Rate Their Marriage? The Survey Says….

How Do Husbands Rate Their Marriage? The Survey Says…. September 27, 2018

Husbands, how would you rate your marriage? The Iron Sharpens Iron ministry for men recently conducted a single-question survey of 1,500 married men who attended their events. And that was their question: How would you rate the state of your marriage in 2018? The answer options were: “struggling,” “fine,” “good,” and “godly.”

Conventional wisdom—based on some inaccurate but commonly quoted statistics that are demystified in my book The Good News About Marriage—would assume that the majority of marriages are on the rocks: struggling, unhappy, perhaps not even likely to make it. But (spoiler alert!) the results of this survey were quite the opposite.

Let’s look at the survey results, some common misconceptions about marital happiness, and our own research—so you can find out how to use the findings to strengthen your marriage.

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