Do You Want to Influence Your Teen’s Value Choices? Here’s How

Do You Want to Influence Your Teen’s Value Choices? Here’s How October 26, 2018

Resist the urge to push.

The most important piece of advice to parents of teens is: resist the urge to push. Remember, your child has to dismantle your “components” before they know whether or not they want to keep them. So the harder you push your identity, beliefs, and opinions on them, the more urgently they will feel compelled to distance themselves from those specific things in order to become their own person. After discussing it privately, Karen and her husband decided not to require that their daughter attend youth group that night. While they wanted to ensure that in the long run she didn’t give it up completely, on that evening they felt it was important to respect her decision and her commitment to academic excellence.

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  • What an insightful article, Shaunti. I completely agree with you about leading by example. It is easy to push values on your children but live a completely different life. Teenagers see that hypocrisy and react to it with defiance. It is much harder to live your values, and let your teens have the freedom to make their own choices. They may not adopt all of the same values as you, but they will see you live an authentic life and try to do the same. This is an important conversation to start. Thank you.