How Your Husband Feels When You’re Too Tired For Sex

How Your Husband Feels When You’re Too Tired For Sex October 16, 2018

Sex is a powerful emotional need for men.

I was shocked in my research with thousands of men  that sex is actually primarily a powerful emotional need for men. It meets a very deep need in a man to feel that his wife desires him—a need that hits at the core of who he is, and is thus far more central to his sense of emotional well-being (and thus the marriage relationship!) than most women realize. (Ladies, if you have the higher drive in your marriage, check out our special article series “When She Has the Stronger Sex Drive.”)

Being intimate with your husband tells him he’s desirable, which, believe it or not, gives him that oh-so-necessary sense of confidence and well-being in all the other areas of life. One husband I interviewed explained, “What happens in the bedroom really does affect how I feel the next day at the office.”

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  • clanhamilton

    There are some HUGE assumptions based on stereotypes here.
    That men want more sex than women.
    That men aren’t carrying their share of household duties (so she has to ask him to care for his own kids).
    That women should care more about their husband’s feelings than their own physical exhaustion.
    That husbands can’t understand a wife’s exhaustion, they just want sex.
    That women don’t understand how important sex is to hubby.
    Good advice is not based on stereotypes.

  • Christy Stokes

    You are only talking about this from 2 people being healthy. Which is not my senerio, but my husband is reading this thinking it applies to me and well if in in unspeakable pain and just tired, I should get over it and be excited to have sex. I have a debilitating chronic disease with no cure. You really should try to write your stories stating that the people you interviewed are healthy people.