New Study Shows Big Drop in Divorce

New Study Shows Big Drop in Divorce October 4, 2018

First Positive Trend: Divorce Rate Takes a Nosedive

Cohen found that the divorce rate fell eighteen percent, between 2008 and 2016. That is huge for such a short time frame. When he adjusted for age changes and other factors, the decrease fell slightly, but divorce still decreased by eight percent. Even more, Cohen highlighted in the study that the “overall drop has been driven entirely by younger women.” If divorce is declining in younger women, then most Millennials are actually getting and staying married, unlike what we see on reality television and social media.

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  • SaintCharlesRiver

    Shaunti, about the divorce rate drop piece…has your study factored in any kind of “divorce rate” among co-habitation partners? I.e., if couples are breaking up in extraordinary numbers in ending their co-habitation, it could be a case of “good news – bad news” in that if we factored in co-hab breaks-up, then the bad news is that perhaps the divorce rate is essentially unchanged or even higher than in the previous decades of concern over divorce. But perhaps the good news is that co-hab break-ups are proof that co-habbing is lousy for relationships and is a bad deal just waiting to blow up. Have you considered these possibilities?