Let Your Husband Delight in Seeing You in All Your Glory

Let Your Husband Delight in Seeing You in All Your Glory November 21, 2019

We recently posted an article offering guidance to men who feel frustrated because their wife is shy about letting him see her body. What they most want to view—what they were intended to see—is the beauty of their wife’s body. And when she avoids being seen by him, it creates frustration on his part. So we promised a follow-up article for all the wives who are feeling challenged by this issue in their own way. 

So wives, I know we often feel pressured to meet the unrealistic body standards we see in the media. Our bodies change with the seasons and we don’t necessarily look like we did when we walked down that aisle. But instead of focusing on how we think we look, I want us to start seeing ourselves through our husband’s eyes. 

And this is the challenge: Consider leaving the lights on during sex and letting your husband enjoy seeing you in all your glory. I know the idea is scary for many women! But in my years of social research, I’ve uncovered many truths that men wish we knew, but they don’t know how to tell us. I heard the heart behind this wish that men have—and I discovered five surprising reasons for you to take the risk.

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