Mystery Solved: 3 Things You Never Understood About How Your Wife Thinks

Mystery Solved: 3 Things You Never Understood About How Your Wife Thinks January 31, 2020

#1: A Woman’s Brain Is Like A Computer Desktop With Ten Windows Open At Once

Of course there are exceptions. But for most men, your brain wiring is more like a computer desktop with one window open at a time. You work on whatever thought, feeling, problem you’re engaging with, then you finish it, click the “x” to close out that thought window, and open the next one.  

Your wife is not like that. If she is like the majority of women (about eight in ten), her brain wiring is like a computer desktop with many windows open at a time. And she is bouncing back and forth between all of them, all at once. Five, ten, fifteen thoughts, feelings, worries, problems to solve.  

If you want an interesting exercise, turn to your wife and ask, “So what is in your mind right now?” (“Oh!  Well, I’m thinking about the analysis I have to turn in on Monday to my boss. And I’m wondering whether my colleague is going to get me her piece in time. And whether the presentation is too late in the day, and if we run late, how am I going to be able to pick up Callie by the time track practice is over. So I’m thinking I need to call my friend to see if she can get her instead. And also that I haven’t done meal planning yet for next week, and I probably won’t have time this weekend. But that if we eat out too much we’re going to blow our vacation budget . . .”)

See what I mean? Ten windows. But that’s not all.

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