Follow This One Simple Rule to Improve Your Relationship

Follow This One Simple Rule to Improve Your Relationship February 4, 2020

If (like most people) you made some New Year’s resolutions this year, maybe one of them had to do with improving your relationship with your spouse. Wanting to love the most important person in our life well and “do better” in our marriage is a noble thing. But you’ve probably already discovered that moving from the goal (“I’m going to be sweet to my man 24/7”) to the reality (“Is this your towel on the bathroom floor? Again?”) isn’t easy. 

Well, I’d like to help. And I’m going to keep it very simple. In fact, I’m suggesting just one rule that can transform your relationship for the better. As a child, each of us was told, “You’ve got to learn to think before you speak.” But I’ve seen we need to refine that edict if we want a great marriage: we’ve got to learn to think before we blurt!

And it turns out that those of us who happen to be of the female gender need to be particularly mindful of this concept. Let me explain why. 

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