Why Does What I Buy Make My Husband So Upset?

Why Does What I Buy Make My Husband So Upset? October 27, 2020

Current circumstances have definitely made shopping a little more complicated. If it’s not with masks and social distancing, it’s online shopping for everything from groceries to mattresses to everything in between! (Sooooo many boxes being delivered, am I right?) But what might have stayed exactly the same is the negative reaction you get from your husband when you arrive home from your latest run to the big-box store or yet another Amazon delivery appears at the front door. For some wives, it feels like their husband makes a huge deal out of every little purchase—even if it fits within their budget!—and they just don’t understand why he’s being so hyper-sensitive about it.

When Jeff and I were researching our latest book, Thriving in Love and Money, we heard from men who saw their wife’s shopping differently from their perspective. And we learned that conflicts around money aren’t really about the money—they stem from the attitudes and beliefs we hold about it. So if you’re starting to think your husband is a control freak, if you’re tempted to hide your shopping bags or guard the front door so you can grab the boxes before he sees them—wait!

Let’s press pause and take a look at the fears and concerns that are lurking behind your husband’s actions.

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