Men Making a Difference

Men Making a Difference November 9, 2021

Group of high school students sitting on the back row of a classroom.

The story spread like wildfire over social media. A troubled high school in Shreveport, Louisiana had a string of fights and 23 student arrests in just three days. So a group of 40 dads decided to take action and formed a group called Dads on Duty. They showed up at Southwood High School in shifts, walking the hallways, greeting the students, encouraging kids to get to class on time, and making dad jokes. The results: no more fighting. And better yet, a feeling of safety and peace.

Here’s the question: How could the mere presence of just five or ten adults at a time so dramatically turn chaos into peace in a school with more than 1,500 students? It’s because something powerfully transformative happens when men step up. Which means they also need to be allowed to do so.

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