How to Read Your Wife’s Mind

How to Read Your Wife’s Mind July 13, 2022

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Guys, there’s a lot going on in your wife’s or girlfriend’s mind—and you can learn to read it.

No, there’s no such thing as actual mind-reading (sorry)—but there is a way to confidently understand what is going on in there, rather than feeling a bit confused or even helpless at times.

As Jeff and I speak at date nights and marriage events, one of the topics that gets the most laughs is also the one that most ends up with a wife elbowing her husband to pay attention—and the men looking very thoughtful. Which is the explanation of some of the differences in the working of the male and female brains, and how a husband can be his wife’s hero and make her feel loved simply by understanding a few scientific truths.

So since we know you want to understand her better, here are three truths that will help.

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