Politics and astrology, and what this blog is all about

Politics and astrology, and what this blog is all about August 16, 2014

11360064_sNow that this blog is being carried on Patheos I know that I will have new readers who don’t know me or the intention behind my writing.  A commenter to a recent post decided that I must be a right-wing Republican because I posted a correlation between news of John Travolta’s cross-dressing and the asteroid Pallas which is often very significant in the chart of people with gender issues.

I thought this might be a good time to share my views on politics, celebrity journalism, and the general idea of judging people from their astrological chart.   My purpose in writing this blog since its inception in November of 2005 has been to share my fascination with astrology and the way it works in our day to day world.  I cover a huge variety of topics – from current planetary movements and the way they shape our inner worlds, to topics of psychological and emotional healing, to political trends and profiles of people in the news.

Astrological profiles of newsmakers are particularly interesting because they give us a chance to see what makes people tick – when something crazy happens in the world I immediately wonder why and sometimes astrology gives us some clues.  Why did Robin Williams kill himself?  What made Brittany Spears go crazy a few years ago?  Why does Taylor Swift have so much relationship trouble?  There is a very fine line between gossip and astrological analysis, and I try not to cross it but being human, occasionally an opinion or two will sneak out.

This is also true when writing about political figures.  My politics tend to be slightly to the left of center, and I try to be “fair and balanced” in my political analysis.  But because this is a blog, and therefore a platform for me to present my views, you will sometimes learn what I really think and that’s not always politically correct.  However, it will hopefully be astrologically correct and presented in a way that refrains where possible from personal judgment about individuals.

I hope you will enjoy the ride!


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