It’s Your Christmas Day Horoscope, Charlie Brown!

It’s Your Christmas Day Horoscope, Charlie Brown! December 18, 2016

patheos astrology matthew currie christmasOkay, so whether you follow Christian tradition or not, this is the week when much of the Western Hemisphere shuts down in order to (choose one or more)

a) Celebrate the birth of the Messiah,
b) Celebrate the Winter Solstice,
c) Celebrate the power of consumerism, or
d) Celebrate being trapped in a room with a bunch of friends and/or relatives and try desperately to avoid arguments.

Whatever your spiritual groove, there’s still something about this time of year that has a certain power. Astrologically speaking, the Solstice is when the Sun enters Capricorn. In and of itself that may not be hugely significant (unless you’re a Capricorn, in which case it’s time to remember all those years as a kid you got stiffed on birthday presents because of Christmas), but as it turns out that there is big astrological news in effect this week, and it’s all coming together for the 25th.


You’ve got to admit that much of 2016 has really sucked. But as for Christmas Eve/Day? The Sky Itself has a present for you: a chance to un-screw all the screwed-up stuff that’s been happening to you in the last year. Yes, really.

First of all, Saturn (which rules rigidity and obstacles and being made to eat your brussel’s sprouts and such) forms a helpful and harmonious trine aspect to Uranus. Uranus is brilliant and rebellious and generally prefers to make up its own rules as it goes along. This combination — provided you do the work — opens up opportunities to get your life together in rare and constructive ways. It’s in effect now and will carry on until early January, but its peak is on Christmas Eve.

Now, get this: Venus (which, as you might expect, is the general planetary ruler of “love,” but also has a lot to do with “money and material comforts”) joins Saturn and Uranus and puts a sweet dusting of powdered sugar over your efforts to make your life a better place. Take advantage of this. Make some kind of real effort towards your goals on the 24th-26th and… if you stick with it… you’ll get real, positive results.

See? Wasn’t that a better Christmas present than a pair of socks?


Is there someone out there — someone poor, someone alone, someone in pain, someone hungry, someone in need of comfort, someone far from home — who could benefit from your resources and/or attention?

“That’s what Christmas is all about, Charlie Brown.”

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