The January 2017 Horoscope Secret Message For Aries

The January 2017 Horoscope Secret Message For Aries December 29, 2016

patheos jan 2017 sign matthew currie(In case you haven’t yet — or if this isn’t your Sun or Rising Sign — read THIS first. It’s the main horoscope for the month, which describes the general conditions going on around you)

Oh Aries, so bold, so confident — or at least maintaining the appearance of being that way. It seems like Aries is always going somewhere or doing something, and that’s great… except that of late, it just hasn’t been that easy to figure out who you really are or where you’re really going, has it? The emphasis has been so much on other people and their issues (and their appeal, in some cases) that the whole “boldly going” thing you do so well may have gotten a little lost in the shuffle.

…And that’s okay. In fact, this month it may very well be mandatory. With both Venus and Mars passing through your 12th House, finding your way through life may depend on less logic and more instinct. Instinct is a tricky thing, though. It requires a little common sense, otherwise you might actually try to move into that castle in the clouds… with a 20,000 foot nose dive to commence immediately thereafter. Check your motivations before you do anything too impulsive this month. Next month will much better for impulsive moves… or at least those moves will be so irresistible you won’t be able to avoid them. That’s just how you roll, Aries.

And hey, worst case scenario — if you feel like you could benefit from a consultation, I know a guy…

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