Your Mercury Retrograde Preparedness Guide!

Your Mercury Retrograde Preparedness Guide! March 31, 2017

patheos astrology matthew currie mercury retrogradeOn April 9th, Mercury turns retrograde. For those of you who like astronomy, this means that the planet Mercury will appear (from Earth’s perspective) to go “backwards” from its usual direction in its orbit. However, those of you more familiar with astrology will recognize that Mercury Retrograde is a time when Mercury-ruled things (messages, e-mails, contracts, short trips, escalators, and so on) will be more likely to malfunction.

On the one hand, this appears to be a very real effect. On the other hand, it’s not like every last thing that could go wrong under Mercury Retrograde (which lasts until May 3rd) will go astray. There’s an interesting phenomenon that happens during a Mercury Retrograde: people tend to blame the slightest thing on it, I act casually dismissive of the whole thing, and then (sure enough) something Mercury-related screws up in my own life.

This time around, though? I’m going to help you (and thus, maybe myself) through the whole thing, with regular reports on what condition Mercury is in and where you can take advantage of the conditions. Yes, there is a good side to Mercury Retrograde too, and I’ll be telling you more about it throughout April.

In the meantime: you’ve got about a week and a half to write that proposal, make that trip, sign that contract, and take that elevator ride. And remember: Mercury rules communications, but when it’s retrograde? Speaking the language is one thing, but getting anyone to understand you is another. That’s always the trick with life, isn’t it?

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