Love Astrology Forecast, March 24-26, 2017 (Plus Romance Tips!)

Love Astrology Forecast, March 24-26, 2017 (Plus Romance Tips!) March 23, 2017

weekend love forecast bannerFirst, the overall conditions in effect:

Mercury spends the weekend opposite Jupiter and conjunct Uranus. This means that you (or someone you’re close to, or someone you’re trying to get closer to) may very well say something bold and impulsive that either moves the situation along — or possibly starts a brawl. Don’t forget that Mars is still in Taurus (more on that HERE), and this will tend to make people both a little hornier and a little more obnoxious than usual… and that includes you too. There’s both peril and potential here, so play your cards careful, and stick to the right timing as outlined below…

FRIDAY: The Moon is Void of Course all day in Aquarius. This makes it a great day for socializing and getting to know someone a little better, but it’s relatively lousy for starting a new relationship or any new project. Go ahead and answer those e-mails and texts, but don’t pin anything down until tomorrow.

SATURDAY: The Moon enters Pisces, which is a more sensitive (and potentially romantic) placement than Moon in Aquarius was. If your goal is a serious, committed relationship, this is a good day for that first date with someone who shows potential. Also, Moon in Pisces is good for drinking, so either way… you win!

SUNDAY: Much the same as Saturday, except now that Mercury-Uranus aspect is exact. Sometimes it’s a fine line between being “bold” and “saying something stupid,” so make really sure you know which side of that line you’re on before you open your yap.



As soon as you can (ideally on the first date) ask for a person’s date, time and place of birth. If you can get it from him/her, you’ll be able to figure out their birth chart (and that’s a lot of useful information). Besides, if nothing else, it’s an interesting conversation-starter.

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