Your February 2017 Horoscope (Plus Mandatory Romance Day)

Your February 2017 Horoscope (Plus Mandatory Romance Day) January 31, 2017

matthew currie astrology february forecastThis month’s big astrological news (other than the ongoing Uranus-Pluto square and the Jupiter-Uranus opposition, which is why the world’s floor boards are making those strained creaking sounds of late) is that there will be two Eclipses. February 10th’s Full Moon is a Lunar Eclipse happening at 22 degrees Leo, and the New Moon on February 26th is a Solar Eclipse at 8 degrees Pisces. I’ll have more on those events closer to when they happen, but (as astrology fans often do with Eclipses) feel free to start worrying about them now if you like. One thing I can tell you about that Eclipse on the 26th: it’s going to make Oscar Night really, really interesting this year.

Venus enters Aries on February 3rd and (thanks to a retrograde in March) stays there until the end of April. In theory this could be problematic for Matters D’Amour in general, as Aries is considered to be a difficult placement for Venus. Nonetheless, people will undoubtedly continue to pursue romance anyway. With Mercury entering Aquarius on February 7th, creative and unusual forms of communication are favored, so try writing your Intended a haiku or something, as opposed to the usual suggestive text messages and nude selfies you usually send.

This brings us to February 14th… Valentine’s Day, or as I like to think of it, “Mandatory Romance Day.” I’ll be writing about that day later, but in the meantime please keep in mind that for personal reasons related to an incident from my adolescence, I find the occasion terribly sad. I wrote about it in my e-book, Twelve Signs Of Love. It’s just a shame there’s no way you can’t get a free copy and a discount on a consultation. Oh, wait… yes there is! Write me ( and ask!

On February 18th the Sun enters Pisces. There’s just no way around it this time, Pisces People… the month of your birthday is going to be a tough one for you. But don’t worry: you can handle it. You’re tougher than you get credit for. I’ll be back to that subject later this month, so just hang on until then, okay?

As always, you can make more life run a lot more smoothly if you are aware of the Void of Course Moon and when it’s happening. A listing for February VOC dates and times is HERE.

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