Your Weekend Astrology Romance Forecast, February 3-5 2017

Your Weekend Astrology Romance Forecast, February 3-5 2017 February 2, 2017

weekends romance 2Venus boldly marches into Aries just in time for the weekend, bringing with it some relatively non-Venusian qualities. You see, Venus is a sweet girl but often she’s a bit of a wallflower. Once in Aries though, she suddenly gets all assertive and (by traditional standards) a bit “un-ladylike”).  But you know, sometimes that sort of thing is okay. Necessary, even. So if you’re tired of just lying around and counting on the hope that what you want will find you, this weekend could be just what you need. So go out and get some, already!


FRIDAY: The Moon is Void Of Course until the evening, so try to avoid starting anything important or lasting until later. Once the Moon enters Gemini though, it’s time to talk someone into something, make your pitch, and socialize in general.


SATURDAY: The big aspect affecting your love life this weekend is exact late in the evening or early Sunday (depending on your time zone) is when the Moon makes a supportive sextile to both Venus and Mars — the two planets most in charge of your love life. In other words: love in general is in the air. All you’ve got to do is get out and breathe a little of it in.


SUNDAY: Well, that was sexy… but what about commitment? That’s the role of Jupiter, which stations and goes retrograde today. The planet of commitment going backwards may not sound like a good idea, but today is it particularly powerful. So don’t buy that ring just yet… but feel free to shop around for one, literally or figuratively…


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