Astrology: An Eclipse For The Oscars

Astrology: An Eclipse For The Oscars February 25, 2017

matthew currie astrology oscar nightDrama! Pageantry! Excess! These are things that naturally occur on Oscar Night, but this year’s ceremony is likely to be especially sensational, due to a Solar Eclipse mere hours before the awards show starts.

Remember that any Eclipse is a one-time event, but it spreads its influence out over time until the next set of Eclipses (in this case, August). So, if you have any major placements closely aspecting 8 degrees Pisces, you won’t necessarily feel the effects of it that day, or even that month. Those rules also apply to the first Eclipse of the year, which was earlier this month (click here for details).

Nonetheless, an Eclipse also has a distinct effect on the day it happens, and this Eclipse is conjunct the Moon’s placement on the first Academy Awards show ever. If the Eclipse was conjunct where the Moon was when you were born, you’d likely experience a lot of amped-up emotion on Sunday. In Oscar terms? This probably translates into more of the usual sociopolitical commentary from the stage than usual. Mars conjunct Uranus (details here) will still be in full effect — which won’t help calm anyone’s mood either.

Generally though, if your roof is going to cave in, it won’t be just because of an Eclipse — it will be the Eclipse plus the effects of one or more other transits.

So — as frustrating as it is for me to say — one has to “expect the unexpected” from an Eclipse. Eclipses are a wild card as to how they’ll pay off. Having said that, here’s what department of your life you can expect to be affected by this Solar Eclipse, based on your Rising Sign. If you don’t know your Rising Sign, there’s some applicability based on your Sun Sign too.

Aries: Psychological issues, dealings with large organizations, psychic/spiritual matters.
Taurus: Your social circle and how your community perceives you.
Gemini: Work and career.
Cancer: Legal matters, long-distance travel, and higher education.
Leo: Loans, shared finances, and sex. Yes, sex.
Virgo: Long-term commitments and partnerships.
Libra: Health, house pets and work habits
Scorpio: Romance, recreation, and creative pursuits.
Sagittarius: Your home life and your sense of grounding; parental issues.
Capricorn: Siblings and relatives, your neighbors, and communications in general.
Aquarius: Money, material possessions, self-worth.
Pisces: Your physical appearance, and how you come across to others.

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