Your Panic-Free Astrology Guide To The Lunar Eclipse

Your Panic-Free Astrology Guide To The Lunar Eclipse February 8, 2017

matthew currie astrology lunar eclipseAiiieee!! Blood Moon! Queue the horror movie music!

Okay, got that out of your system?


Have you ever seen a Lunar Eclipse? It’s pretty impressive, and it’s little wonder that so many ancient people were a little (or a lot) scared of it, what with the bright Full Moon suddenly darkening and turning the color of blood. That’s the sort of thing that could leave quite an impression.

Astrologically, an Eclipse leaves an impression of sorts too. When it comes to predicting the future, astrologers look at where the planets were when you were born (your “birth chart”) and then look at where the planets are now (your “transits”). Normally a Full Moon makes things a little flaky for a day or so. A Lunar Eclipse is a Full Moon that marks a spot in your birth chart that rarely makes itself known that actual day, but sits there and waits for a transit from another planet to activate it — sometimes months later. The results are often wildly dramatic and unexpected. Some astrologers (less so now than in past) can get a little panicky when they talk about the effects of an Eclipse. I personally think that this is because “wildly dramatic and unexpected” is never welcome when it’s your job to predict someone’s future accurately.

Late Friday night/early Saturday morning (depending on your time zone), there will be a Lunar Eclipse at 22 and a half degrees Leo. For the most part, it’s best to treat it as if it were just a regular Full Moon… in other words, try to forgive the moodiness and irritability of others (as they will hopefully forgive yours). It’s worth noting where that Eclipse falls in your birth chart (depending on your time of birth, it will fall into one of the Twelves Houses of your chart, having an effect on one specific department of your life) and keeping an eye on things there for the next few months.

If you’re really into the details (or if you’re just worried about how the Eclipse might affect you), I’ll be sending details out in my newsletter on Friday as to how many of you may be affected, based on your birthday and/or year of birth. But as I said before: it’s best to treat this (or any other) Lunar Eclipse like it’s just another Full Moon. If that sounded to you like an invitation to sign up for my newsletter… it was. Look over to the right and you’ll see where to click.

Regardless of where this Eclipse (or the Solar Eclipse later this month) lands in your birth chart, I’m pretty sure that dog you keep hearing down the street probably isn’t a werewolf, and that noise at your window at night is just the wind. I mean, seriously… what are the odds?

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