The Daily Sky: Astrology For February 20-26, 2017

The Daily Sky: Astrology For February 20-26, 2017 February 20, 2017

matthew currie astrology daily skyYou think you’re pretty smart, don’t you? Well, this week you may very well be, what with a couple of helpful aspects to Mercury. Mercury sextile Uranus and Mercury trine Jupiter aren’t aspects that shout their existence or slap you in the face to get your attention, but if you work with them you can get excellent results. Applying logic to your obstacles, making a clear case for your side of an issue, and thinking your way out of or around a sticky situation are all favored this week.

If you prefer astrological aspects that do slap you in the face to get your attention, this week’s Big Aspect is right up your alley. Mars square Pluto is a transit that is hard to describe without using adjectives like “explosive.” If you don’t have any issues around the hostile actions of others (or a lack of control over your own temper), you could very well have some thrust upon you this week… or you might be generating hostility for someone else. Get a grip, everyone!

Finally, Oscar Night is Sunday, and that almost certainly means some politically-hostile stances being taken in between people thanking God and their agent. If you like that sort of thing, make some popcorn and get ready for The Big Show, because Sunday also features a Solar Eclipse in Pisces mere hours before the awards ceremony. Eclipses tend to have a lingering effect (sometimes for months) after the actual event. If you’re familiar with your birth chart, have a look to see if any major points in it make a strong aspect to 8 degrees Pisces… then brace for impact in that department in your life.

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