Five Things To Do After Venus Retrograde

Five Things To Do After Venus Retrograde April 12, 2017

matthew currie venus goes directVenus Retrograde ends on Saturday, April 15th (at 6:18 AM Eastern Time, for those of you who love fine details). Those of who follow astrology have probably encountered the notion that when a planet is retrograde, the things it rules go a little wonky (see my notes on Mercury Retrograde HERE). However, you don’t nearly as often come across advice as to what to do after the retrograde period is over. We tend to just breathe a little sigh of relief and assume that everything can and should be “business as usual.”

This approach ignores an important fact: when a planet’s retrograde period ends, it is considered to be “stationary.” In theory, a stationary planet that is just starting to move forward is incredibly powerful. Why not take advantage of it?

Venus rules a lot of the things we like: love, money, sugar, doughnuts, kind sentiments, your thyroid gland… well, okay, I don;t know how you feel about your thyroid personally, but you should probably be glad to have one. All else being equal, any new Venus-related project or undertaking that begins with Venus Stationary has a better than average chance of being successful.

So, keeping that in mind, here are a few things you might want to try this weekend.

Put Up An Ad On A Dating Site
Yeah, I know, dating sites are horrible. How do people meet these days anyway? I suppose I could have said “go hang out in a single’s bar.” You know what I mean, I hope.

Seduce Someone New
Oh go ahead, you know you want to. Unless you’re in a committed relationship, in which case: seduce someone old. Wait, that’s not right either…

Learn A New Recipe
Venus has a lot to do with eating and cooking and baking and so forth. Change up your routine by learning to cook something new. Rice is pretty mundane, but risotto? That’s Italian, and therefore sounds more interesting than rice. Also: risotto really is more interesting than rice.

Redecorate Your Home
Make the place more comfortable, pretty and inviting. Or, you know, at least get rid of that lump of trash in the middle of the living room floor.

Make Peace With Someone
Odds are good that if you’ve been interacting with humans lately, someone or other has annoyed you, or you have annoyed them. Venus Stationary is a good time to bury the hatchet… or possibly to avoid being sued.

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