So much to read, so little uninterrupted time

So much to read, so little uninterrupted time October 17, 2011

I feel the shift to the dark half of the year. It’s still fully autumn here in west Wales, but the wind has been getting just a tad more chill and bite, the days grow shorter, rain is intermittent, flowers and mushrooms are rotting – winter is coming. I rather like the dark, though it can make the days feel a bit more rushed. There’s so much to fit into the days before I hunker down in the evenings with my tea and my baby and my reading!

There’s a lot going on in my family right now. The Current is pushing us out of the UK far sooner than we expected. We are preparing to move back to the US in December. Last week we dealt with a leaky radiator – it took 3 days to get a plumber! And now the 3-year-old is ill.  He is currently massaging his yoghurt into his hands like lotion as I type this. Instead of deep meaningful posts I’m going to link you to blogs and books I’ve been reading.

I check in daily, or just about, with The Wild Hunt. It keeps me up to date on pagan-relevant news from around the US and also the world. I seem to click on something from Patheos’ Pagan Portal every day.

There are a host of great witchcraft blogs out there. Some of them I’ve read through every post. Here are some of them:

New World Witchery covers topics relevant to the Americas.

The Witch of Forest Grove is a Canadian who practices an eclectic mix of traditional witchcrafts. She’s an incredible resource for me.

Following links from books to authors to other blogs I found The Starry Cave. It is a joint blog by three people, one of whom is Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold, a Norwegian, who writes in English and lives in Brazil. The other two bloggers write in Portuguese. Frisvold has published two books with the delicious Scarlet Imprint publishing house.

I read the entirety of Muninn’s Kiss’s blog at blogspot, but can no longer find it there. Much it is found here, on LiveJournal. While Kabbalah has not ever interested me, the merging of a strong love of place (Wyoming), Feri, and 1734 Witchcraft is thought-provoking and inspiring. It feels very honest to me. No posturing, just an honest seeker’s thoughts.

As far as books go, I am currently reading Michael Howard’s Welsh Witches and Wizards. Before I start ordering any more books I’ve got to read what’s on my shelves. After WWW, I’ll be reading XVI, a compilation put together by Scarlet Imprint and then Lux Haeresis. I adore these publishers; their books are works of art.


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