What is Paganism? A Resource List

What is Paganism? A Resource List May 15, 2015

Yesterday I gave a presentation on Paganism at Seattle Pacific University. This is an annotated version of the hand out I gave the students. The list the student got did not have commentary, and the links were written out. Here, I’ve hyper-linked. I figured it might be helpful for others.

One very important note: this list primarily reflects me, my biases, and my experience with Paganism. There are SO MANY books and websites out there. My aim was to inform, on a general level, college aged and educated Christians. I’m also learning never to waste an opportunity to gently promote my own work.



Many of the resources and books listed below are also listed at this excellent page that Christine Hoff Kraemer put together. She describes some of the books, and lists a few things that I did not.

The Wildhunt – Our journal of record

Patheos Pagan

Witches and Pagans

The Witch’s Voice – I don’t know exactly why I put this on. It’s never been helpful for me, ever in my life. But hey, maybe a student wants to explore and they use this site to find a group near them.

Gods & Radicals – I know some one is going to think that this was totally not appropriate for this resource list. Too bad.

Humanistic Paganism


A Witch’s Ashram – The next three feature my stuff. My list, my stuff!

The Polytheist Parent

Many Gods West



Drawing Down the Moon – Margot Adler – This is the only sociological book on the list.

Triumph of the Moon – Ronald Hutton

Sabina Magliocco – Dr. Magliocco is an anthropologist.


The Spiral Dance – Starhawk

A World Full of Gods: An Inquiry into Polytheism – John Michael Greer

The Deities are Many: A Polytheistic Theology – Jordan D Paper

Seeking the Mystery: An Introduction to Pagan Theologies – Christine Hoff Kraemer

Various titles – Graham Harvey


The next two are non-fiction, and Abram’s book isn’t even explicitly Pagan, but both give a beautiful glimpse into the flavor of Pagan experience.

Your Face is a Forest – Rhyd Wildermuth

The Spell of the Sensuous – David Abram


Till_We_Have_FacesThese three fiction books also capture the Pagan and Polytheist experience. I told them to avoid the Percy Jackson series, because while it might be a great “in” for 6 year olds, I do not think the books capture the feeling, aesthetic, or mind-set of Polytheism in any accurate or thoughtful way.

Til We Have Faces – CS Lewis

Sea of Trolls – Nancy Farmer

Oracle trilogy – Catherine Fisher


Anything by Scarlet Imprint – Because I love their work, and I wanted something on here that might blow their minds a little.

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