Maxim Monday: Two-for-One

Maxim Monday: Two-for-One February 24, 2014

The next two Delphic Maxims make me laugh, even though they do have some wisdom in them. I’m committed to commenting on all of 147. These two take us through 67!

The first is: know the judge. Certainly this would be helpful! I can’t imagine the Delphic Oracle is suggesting that we use our personal connections to influence justice for our unjust benefit, but knowing the tendencies and history of a judge could prove very helpful in crafting an argument that might steer the outcome in one’s favor.

The second is: master wedding-feasts. Hm, should we master being guests at them? Should we master getting married? Should we master performing them? I’m not sure at all what this one is suggesting, but I do know that being a good guest is an important skill. It’s the flip side of hospitality. Being a quality guest AND a good host are equally important – as signs of respect, providing solace in a tough world, as marks of good will.

While I don’t put too much stock in the legal/governmental status of marriage, I do love a good wedding. There’s something delightful about the merging of families and communities, the celebration of hope and love and commitment, that I find uplifting and encouraging.

More serious posts coming this week!


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