Maxim Monday: Recognize Fortune

Maxim Monday: Recognize Fortune March 17, 2014

Fortune can be defined as luck, serendipity, providence, coincidence, and the like. It can also be defined as wealth. Let’s talk about both.

From the Chibi Tarot.

I love little moments of serendipity. Are they divine acts? Sometimes I think so; sometimes I think they are just mere coincidences. Regardless, I like to recognize those moments and be grateful for them. I tend to equate acts of fortune with unexpected positive occurrences, although they can also be negative. I remember trying to go on a trip and having one thing after another not go my way, including having my rental car reservation mysteriously vanish. It turned out that not going on the trip was a very good choice, even though it was so disappointing and frustrating at the time.

I find this Maxim particularly relevant to my life right now. I am in a place of surrender in my life. I need to recognize that I do not have complete control over when this baby arrives, or how moving house happens or when. This is very, very stressful for me, but letting go allows for moments of fortune to slip in. My tendency toward hard control can block out moments of providence, leaving no place for the grace of others or divine acts of assistance or instruction.

Thinking of fortune as wealth…. well, I think I’ve been doing that in talking about money. And when does our culture not recognize wealth? This form of fortune is recognized all over the place: in magazines, advertisements, television, and in the privilege and superior service that having wealth brings.

I think this Maxim is yet one more reminder to be present with and paying attention to the seemingly small details of our lives, and to be grateful. As I work my way through the Maxims I see that so many of them are reminders to be grateful in some form or another.

Let us recognize the role of fortune in our lives – and be grateful for the ways fortune appears to us!


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