Incantation for Justice

Incantation for Justice December 9, 2014

La'die Mansfield, left, and Marypat Hector, leading a "die-in" in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo by Kathie.
La’die Mansfield, left, and Marypat Hector, leading a “die-in” in Atlanta, Georgia. Photo by Kathie.

This drove me out of my sickbed, having dropped into my head nearly whole.  I asked other Faery initiates and members of Hellbender if they wanted to sign on to it; not everyone has had a chance to respond, so more names may be added later.  This is our statement.


The place of the witch is beside the downtrodden.
Power used to harm the innocent is falsely borne.
Power used to punish out of reason betrays the law.
Blood on the ground cries out for justice;
When will it be heard?
Like the women of the isles keening,
Bare knees on the ground, long hair streaming,
Like the bards who spoke the glam dicenn,
We too cry out for justice;
By whom will we be heard?
For those whose sight is dimmed and twisted,
A sword of truth to cut the veil from their eyes,
The Hag’s healing knife to scrape away the scales,
A bright light as the noonday sun,
So they may see clearly.
For those who sleep uneasy,
Fearing the call in the dead of night,
Fearing the knock at the door
Wondering if their anguished cries are seen and heard,
We see you. We hear you.
We raise our voices with you and our hands in power, in defiance, in blessing.
May your children go forth in safety and return home whole.
May your deeds be seen with the eye of compassion.
May all that you and your ancestors have given,
Prosperity, knowledge, art, music, magic,
Return to you in abundance.
May luck and peace be yours,
May you find justice, and comfort in your grieving.
So mote it be.


Sara Amis, Cholla Soledad, Traci Laird, Shannon Swan, Helix, Ray Moore, Colin Davis, Willow Moon, Rhiannon, Troll Huldren, Hawthorn, Elinor Prędota, Rowan, Miranda, Graham, Samuel, Ella, Deadly Nightshade, Shimmer, Nalaya Oddly, Crow Walker

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