preview of the 2016 Vice Presidential debates (Pence/Kaine)

preview of the 2016 Vice Presidential debates (Pence/Kaine) July 23, 2016


Disappointing choice. I had hoped for Cory Booker, personally, even though I strongly disagree with Booker about schools and vouchers. Kaine was the “safe” choice in the sense he won’t be very interesting, but the safe choice is also risky, because this election more than any previous one is about the immigrant and diverse identity of America. Further, at least as far as Democrats go, Biden is the first VP in 50 years or more who hasn’t gone on to be the Presidential nominee; Kaine is immediately the frontrunner in 2020/2024. For now, it seems Trump’s rhetoric, ugly as it is, still reflects the truth about America: only white elites matter.

The VP debate is going to be a total waste of time. The Politico tries, and fails miserably, to prove otherwise. John Jackson and Jack Johnson, indeed.

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