Acclaimed ‘Lamb of God’ Concert About Christ’s Last Days Hits the Big Screen

Acclaimed ‘Lamb of God’ Concert About Christ’s Last Days Hits the Big Screen March 15, 2021

This Easter, you can experience the power of the last week of Jesus’ life in theaters.

Creators of the concert oratorio “Lamb of God” have put the musical story of the last week of Jesus Christ’s life on film. The highly-anticipated concert film is now available for people all around the world to enjoy at a time when we desperately need it.

The story is told from the point of view of those around Jesus, including Peter, John, Thomas, Mary, Martha of Bethany, Mary Magdalene, and Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Rob Gardner, who is behind the musical creation, says the new film is a creative dream. In 2020, Gardner had plans to go to Switzerland for the Swiss premiere of the production, but when COVID-19 hit, the performance was canceled.

While Gardner has wanted to turn this production into a movie for years, he didn’t feel it was the right time to do it until now.

“It seemed like, maybe this year is the right time to do it in a year when live performances are less possible, if not possible at all,” Gardner told BYU-Idaho radio. “It’s never the wrong time to bring people hope, and that brings people together and that talks of Christ and rejoices in Christ and so it just felt like, if we can, we will, and the challenges can be overcome.”

Gardner became serious about the project in December when a friend asked him about producing a concert film. This is when the real work began. The concert included a 19-piece orchestra and 29 voices for the choir, creating a more intimate production.

“I’ve dreamed and planned for years to create a concert film of ‘Lamb of God, and I am thrilled to bring this new cinematic, can’t miss the experience to long-time fans and newcomers alike,” Gardner told ABC4. “We brought together a world-class, once-in-a-lifetime cast and crew to create this film. And I am absolutely overjoyed that we can release it in theaters in time for Easter and help bring light and hope so desperately needed at this time.”

The “Lamb of God” concert was recorded with the London Symphony Orchestra. The album was released in 2010, and 11 years later, the film is now in movie theaters.

The film is not exactly like the concert experience.
“It does have a couple of new things in it and little one-liners here and there to help us understand who these people are and where they are going,” producer Rob Moffat told ABC4. “Right now, there’s a brand new song that Casey recorded for us that was written for Peter. Rob originally wrote it with the idea of a live-action film.”

There is so much to look forward to from this concert film, especially those who are looking for an experience to feel the spirit of Easter, or somebody who doesn’t believe in Christ but is curious about the story, Casey Elliott, who plays Peter in the film said.

“…I think there are a few things that are better to share than something like this, music has a way of communicating to our spirits and our souls, in a way that words alone can’t,” Elliott said.

“I have no doubt that many will leave the theater being uplifted and feeling closer to what the spirit of Easter is.”

“Lamb of God,” the concert film, is in theaters now and will premiere on the I Love the Bible facebook page on Easter Sunday. Get a sneak peek of the spectacular film in the trailer below.

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