Edel! February 7, 2014

Okay, there are a thousand things I’ve been dying to blog about, and the pile of half-finished posts in my dashboard is proof of that. But as I’ve said ad nauseum, I process things by writing, and I couldn’t write anything coherent about anything else until I first addressed my complete breakdown. Now that it’s in words it’s real to me in a way that it wasn’t before, and I feel like I can breathe again.

Which is great, because I can now say that I am genuinely looking forward to social interaction for the first time in a while. Specifically, this social interaction:

I’m pretty sure Jen must have gotten schnockered one night and passed out at her laptop with her fingers flung across the c, a, and l keys, because the website lists me right here on this page as part of the support team.

I know, I don’t believe it either, so here’s a screen cap to prove to both of us that it’s true

Leaving aside how laughable it is that I might be able to provide support for anyone unless they really need help figuring out who the best incarnation of the Doctor was (BECAUSE IT WAS 9, YOU FOOLS!), this is going to be the coolest event ever, and I’m ridiculously excited. I’m not even a little anxious, which is probably because it’s a good five months away, but even so. Austin! My favorite city on earth! The home of greatness and Jen and Torchy’s Freakin’ Tacos! My little brother and my sis-in-law! Food trucks! Eclectic stores! People parking backward! Good music! AUSTIN!!!!

Plus, the event itself is going to be off the hook. (Is that saying still a thing? Can I say that? Am I dating myself?) Just check out the schedule of events. I cannot wait for the chair massage, because that’s totally random and hilarious.

So mark your calendars for February 12, buy a ticket, and come hang out with us! Also, go over to Jen and Hallie‘s blogs to thank them for putting this together. Because they’re the shizzle.

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