Gettin’ Into Bed with Patheos

Gettin’ Into Bed with Patheos August 22, 2014

I’m officially the worst blogging friend ever, y’all. When I was at Edel (dancing embarrassingly in ways that made my sister cringe for me when I re-created my moves in her living room) I got a message from the Anchoress and immediately squealed like a fangirl at a One Direction concert.

I’ve been super excited about the contents of that message ever since, and waiting impatiently for opportunity to spill the beans.

Then that opportunity came and went while I was blabbing about sex breasts and deleting the facebook app, and now I’m the blogging equivalent of that one friend we all have who always limps into the party when it’s almost over, carrying a half-empty bottle of whiskey and only wearing one shoe.

Allow me to be the last person to officially welcome to Patheos my fellow maker of mischief and mayhem, Rebecca Frech!

Us at Edel. We got our shoes from the same place. She had to teach me to walk in mine. I ♥ her.

You know Rebecca from her blog Shoved to Them, and her book Teaching in Your Tiara. You might also know her from her courageous and tireless advocating on behalf of her daughter Ella, her writing at Creative Minority Report , being a badass Crossfit coach, and sharing a bed with me at Edel.


She’s so awesome, actually, that she single-handedly redeemed the Blorg in the eyes of Larry D, our greatest detractor.

So go over to her new place and say hi, if you already haven’t.

Cheers, Rebecca! I’m so happy you’re finally here! I saved this for you, to celebrate all the delicious mayhem we can cause, now that we’re both Patheosi!

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