Yule/Winter Solstice Crafts

Yule/Winter Solstice Crafts December 15, 2017

Yule/Winter Solstice Crafts

When the evenings draw in early and the festive spirit is upon you, making Yuletide crafts can be great fun for both adults and children.

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Miniature Yule Log Ornaments

Good for decorating your Yule tree but also nice for table presents for guests.

A stick about an inch thick

Red wool or ribbon

Small feathers

Small pieces of evergreen plants – pine, fir, spruce, or similar

Seed beads in your choice of colours

A hot glue gun

Cut the stick into 2 – 3″ lengths. Decorate each small log with the feathers, evergreens and seed beads in a design you like. Tie a piece of red wool or ribbon around the centre and knot in a bow.

Use the ribbon to tie it to your tree or you could add a small piece of card with your guests name on for table place settings.

Pinecone decorations

Pinecones (obviously!)

Equal amounts cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice, mixed together

A 1:1 mixture of water and craft glue



A small paintbrush

Run the pinecones under water for a few seconds then spread them out on a baking sheet.  Bake in the oven at 250 degrees for about 20 minutes.  The baking process makes the pinecones open up and also destroys any bacteria that might be lurking on them.  If you obtained your pine cones from a craft shop you will be able to skip this step.

Cool the pinecones and then apply the glue mix.  It is up to you whether you coat the entire pine cone with glue or just the odd petal or just the tips – be creative!

Mix together the spices and the glitter, then shake the mix onto the pine cones or alternatively (and probably the least messy option) is to put the spice/glitter mix into a plastic bag then drop the pine cone in and give it a shake.

Once the glue on the pine cone is dry you can tie a piece of ribbon around it and use it to hand on your Yule tree.

Bay Balls

What you need:

Foam ball shape (from craft shops)

Bay leaves – preferably fresh, if you use dry ones soak them overnight


Starting at the bottom of the foam ball stick the bay leaves around, slightly over lapping each one, work your way up the ball until you reach the top.  You can also add cloves to help hold some of the leaves in place if they stubbornly refuse to lie flat (some of them do).

Pin a loop of ribbon or cord to the top to hang it up with.

Golden Acorns

What you need

Acorns – obviously!

Spray or craft paint


Separate the acorn from its little cap and paint both pieces.  Leave to dry, then using a slim piece of ribbon about 3 inches long, glue each end of the ribbon inside the acorn cap so that it makes a loop.  Then glue the cap back onto the acorn.  You can also add a bit of glitter if you would like to.

Pine Cone Wreath

Pine cones are excellent for making wreaths.  After you bring home the cones and allow them to dry, you need a wreath base to attach the cones to. A pizza box or other sturdy cardboard could be used to make a doughnut shape or any other shape you might like. You can attach the cones with a hot glue gun or tub and tile caulk that comes in tubes. You can add other natural materials such as dried flowers, leaves, moss, or stones if you like. Attach a wire loop to the back of the wreath and hang.

Dress Up Your Candles for Yule

You can do this with existing candles…it’s quick and easy.

Tie on coloured ribbons or raffia, glue on tiny pinecones to make a pattern.  Use brass tacks or silver pins to make patterns by pushing them into the candle.  Use shells, cinnamon pieces and even coffee beans to stick on to decorate.

I like to sprinkle herbs and spices onto the top of a candle I have dressed with essential oil and then drip contrasting wax from another candle on top to seal the herbs and spices in and to make it pretty.

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