‘Tis the season of the Witch

‘Tis the season of the Witch September 22, 2018

‘Tis the season of the Witch

rachel patterson, kitchen witch

It is that time of the year…when the mornings and evenings are crisp and fresh.  When the leaves on the trees start their fantastically colourful journey from green through all the glorious oranges and reds.  Ultimately, they drop to the ground obviously, but it is all part of the cycle of life.  Allowing the tree to rest throughout the cold months ready to renew afresh in the spring.

I love the autumn, it is my favourite season.  There is something very magical about the whole atmosphere and energy of it.  Not just because Samhain is on the way, being my birthday has nothing to do with the excitement at all…honest… This time of the year just feels full of energy and magical possibilities.

Sun magic

Although I spent a lot of the summer working with sun magic, let’s face it, in the UK we have had one of the hottest summers ever so there was plenty of sun to work with.  I am not really a sun worshipper.  For me the magic happens once the energy changes.  That point when the equinox hits and things start to turn.

Late September and October are when I have a clear out.  I look back at the year so far, see what has worked and what hasn’t.  I sort out my wardrobe, putting away all the floaty summer frocks and sandals and embrace my velvet wear and my boots.   Autumn is also when I have a good magical declutter; the herb cupboard, the candles, the altar bits and bobs that have all be shoved in the cupboard over the past few months when I haven’t needed them.

The altars all get a good ‘autumn clean’ too; wiped, cleaned, dusted and re-dressed ready for the season.

This is the time of the year when it is amazing to stand outside and just breathe…to feel that fresh, invigorating energy.


I plot, I plan, and I scheme.  Now that the evenings are getting darker I huddle inside and read, study and make plans for the coming months, even for the coming year.  Probably aided by a large mug of steaming chai latte.

There are changes and transformations afoot…oh the possibilities are endless.

I like to start with some gratitude, it is a time of harvest, so I give thanks for everything I have and all that has been provided for me.

The equinox brings a balance, a see-saw moment in time before it turns over to the shorter days, heading into the darker time.  Not a ‘dark’ time, but a period that allows us to remember, to be thankful and to rejuvenate, ready to emerge renewed.

and the magic…

Magically I give thanks to the waning sun and for the abundance that has come my way.  I honour the sun god, but I am also uber excited to welcome the return of my matron goddess, The Cailleach.  I am ready and willing for her to emerge and begin the months of kicking my butt for not doing what I was supposed to…

Nature provides a huge amount of magical items to work with; nuts, seeds and multi coloured leaves. And the pumpkins, oh my, the pumpkins.  Each one carrying an enormous amount of magic for us to tap in to.

Tie up loose ends, finish up projects that have been hanging about, get rid of what doesn’t work for you (there has to be death for rebirth to occur) and prepare to rest, relax and reflect.  Although I am a bit useless at the resting part.

Working magic over the next few months I will focus on protection, banishing, balance, prosperity, security, harmony, relationships, some psychic and inner work and also fertility and manifestation for new projects and events.

I am excited for the future, and plan to make the most of the next few months.

‘Tis the season of the Witch…make the most of it.


rachel patterson witch author


Photo by freestocks.org on Unsplash

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