Magical Bling: Jewellery Witchcraft

Magical Bling: Jewellery Witchcraft October 15, 2019

Magical bling: Jewellery Witchcraft

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I do like a bit of crystal bling whether in the form of bracelets, pendants, earrings or rings and I even have a brooch or two.   The metal that the item is made from carries magical energy and so does any stones that are set into it.  They have their own individual magical properties but can also be charged with a specific intent to become an amulet or a talisman.

Amulets and Talismans:

Tying a spell into a piece of jewellery or crystal.  There is always confusion over the meaning for each of these, believe me I get confused too.  It is all about attracting and deflecting…

Talisman – a magically charged object that ATTRACTS a desired energy.  Talismans bring power and energy to the wearer.  They can be made of anything from natural objects to pieces of parchment inscribed with symbols.  You may have a piece of jewellery or an item of clothing which you wear to give you confidence or for luck, this is a talisman.

Amulet – a magically charged object which DEFLECTS unwanted energy. Amulets have been used for protection for thousands of years to protect people’s homes, crops and livestock.  Originally, they would probably have been made using natural objects like stones, animal bones and teeth.  Now we can use all sorts of different materials and items.  Even a knot in a piece of string could be used as an amulet as the knot will trap the unwanted energy and keep us safe.

If you are creating a talisman for luck you could create it during a waxing moon to enhance the attraction magic, you might use the colour green if you see that as a lucky colour.  If it is a natural object like a pebble you might want to draw a four-leaf clover or a similar symbol on it.  You get the idea, layer your correspondences to make it as meaningful as possible.

The same rules apply to an amulet; you would create this on a waning moon if possible.  Your amulet maybe a black gemstone for protection and you might burn sage to cleanse negative energies and put it through the flame of a black candle during its creation.

You will need to charge both the talisman and the amulet with your intent.

Which jewellery to wear?

Which crystal or jewellery item you choose to wear will be up to you.  I like to be guided by my intuition as to what stone, design or colour.  Often, I realise after I have purchased an item that the correspondences to that particular crystal are perfect for what I needed at the time.  Crystals will often find their way to you, rather than you choosing them.

I might pick up a lapis lazuli pendant to wear because it matches my outfit but as soon as I pick it up it feels wrong.  Searching through I will spy a rose quartz pendant and although it isn’t the same colour as my dress it feels right to wear it – trust your instincts.

If you purchase a piece of jewellery for a specific intent, you can choose it by looking up the correspondences, working with colour magic or by intuition (or a combination of all three).  You can then add to the magical intent by charging the item.  For jewellery it can also be put on your altar for a few days or worked into a candle magic spell set for the intent.

And how about where on your body to wear the item?  The left side of the body is your emotional side full of sensitive feelings and then the right side is your go get ‘em action energy.

Jewellery type

The type of jewellery can be taken into account as well.

Earrings can be worn to protect against headaches and anything to do with healing and protecting your eyes, ears and brain.

Necklaces involve a chain or string of some sort, so they carry binding or linking magic.  They also go around the throat and neck/chest area so can be used to help free speech and matters of the heart.

Bracelets are a smaller version of binding/linking magic and as they are around the wrists I think they work well for creativity and getting things done.  Bracelets also cover the pulse points on your wrist, so any crystals worn will connect directly with your internal energy hub.

Rings are circles so they represent eternity and infinity.  Your fingers also have associations; index finger for goals and success, middle finger for intuition and inspiration, ring finger for creativity and on your left hand, love and the little finger for transitions and change.  And your thumb should probably be avoided as wearing rings on your thumb can block the flow of energy.

Anklets being worn around the ankle help you connect with the earth and can bring stability and be very grounding.

Brooches were all the rage in my favourite era (the mid-1980s) and I still wear them now (never having left 1984 really).  They can be worn for protection, think of them as little shields.

Headdresses – most people don’t pop down to the supermarket wearing a tiara but if you wear a headdress in ritual or for working magic think about adding a crystal or two.  A headdress connects with your third eye and crown chakra bringing intuition, energy and knowledge.


Wearing crystal jewellery brings magic into play without any one noticing, much easier to wear a crystal pendant than have several tumble stones tucked into your bra or vest!



Taken from the book:

Kitchen Witchcraft: Crystal Magic by Rachel Patterson


Publication 29th November 2019

The third book in the Kitchen Witchcraft series:
Using some of the more commonly available crystals this book presents them all in a magical light.
How to work with crystals for magical purpose.
Connecting with crystal magical energy.
Which crystals to use for specific magical intent.
Creating crystal spell grids.
Designing crystal spell pouches.
Using crystals for divination.

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Photo by Dan Farrell on Unsplash

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