Working Magic: Balance

Working Magic: Balance April 24, 2020

Working Magic: Balance

working magic balance

Each week I have been drawing an oracle card from my Flower Magic deck, today it was Begonia which signifies ‘balance’.  So, I am sharing the card along with other herbs, plants, foods, tarot cards and crystals that correspond with the intent of balance.  There is a video at the bottom of this blog post if you would like to watch and listen to my little talk.

Work with these suggestions as a guide, trust your intuition and use what you have to hand.

Candle spells, witch bottles, spell pouches or spells of any kind can benefit from using herbs, plants and crystals.  Tarot and oracle cards can be used as focal point for spell work or meditation.

Be creative!

Begonia Wisdom

Ah…balance.  Something all of us always seem to be seeking.  It can be an illusive little beggar at times.  Having an unbalanced work/home/family/friends/social life can not only cause absolute chaos it can be detrimental to your health, well being and overall sanity.   Time to take a little peak at how your life balances out.  What do you need to do to address it?  How can you shuffle and re-arrange things to make your life more comfortable and easily manageable, allowing yourself a bit of ‘me’ time too?  Make a list, write it on a note pad or a chalk board, type it up on the computer do whatever you have to do to allow yourself to step back and see the big picture and how it all shares out.  I am betting there will be some uncomfortably overwhelming items on the work side and not so much on the nice enjoyable things in life column.  Sort it out now before things get completely out of hand.

Begonia Magical Properties:

Balance, heightened awareness, psychic abilities, beware a fanciful nature, to send a warning, dark thoughts, being cautious, harmonious communication, gratitude for someone, individuality, justice, peace, protects from gossip

Herbs and Plants for Balance


(Alyssum spp. & Lobularia spp)

Alyssum Magical Properties:

Protection, Maiden magic, peace, calming, balance, spirituality

Element – Air

Gender – Feminine



(Chameamelum nobile, Anthemis nobilis)

Chamomile Magical Properties:

Sleep, dreams, love, calm, money, relaxation, purification, balancing

Ruling planet – Sun

Sign – Leo

Element – Water

Gender – Masculine



(Anethum graveolens)

Dill Magical Properties:

Protection, love, lust, money, jealousy, balance, clarity, knowledge, magic

Ruling planet –Mercury

Sign – Cancer, Gemini, Leo

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine



(Ulmus campestris)

Elm Magical Properties:

Love, balance, luck, energy, psychic powers

Ruling planet – Saturn, Mercury

Element – Water

Gender – Feminine



(Ilex aquifolium, Ilex opaca)

Holly Magical Properties:

Protection, luck, dreams, balance, success

Ruling planet – Mars, Saturn

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine



(Lonicera caprifolium, Lonicera japonica, Lonicera periclymenum)

Honeysuckle Magical Properties:

Prosperity, psychic powers, protection, balance, lust, meditation, memory

Ruling planet – Jupiter

Sign – Gemini, Cancer

Element – Earth

Gender – Masculine




Patchouli Magical Properties:

Grounding, Earth magic, prosperity, money, protection, sex magic, balance, calm

Ruling planet – Saturn

Sign – Virgo

Element – Earth

Gender – Feminine



(Ruta graveolens)

Rue Magical Properties:

Protection, health, healing, purification, balance, clarity, anxiety, hex breaking

Ruling planet – Mars, Sun

Sign – Leo

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine


Witch Hazel

(Hamamelis virginiea)

Witch Hazel Magical Properties:

Protection, divining, balance, grief

Ruling planet – Sun, Saturn

Sign – Capricorn

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine



(Asperula odorata, Galium odoratum)

Woodruff Magical Properties:

Protection, money, balance, justice

Ruling planet – Mars

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine


Magical Food for Balance



(Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Liquorice Magical Properties:

Love, passion, balance

Ruling planet – Venus, Mercury

Element – Earth, Water

Gender – Feminine



Mushrooms Magical Properties:

Strength, courage, magic, balance

Ruling planet – Moon

Element – Earth

Gender – Feminine



Oyster Magical Properties:

Passion, balance

Ruling planet – Moon

Element – Water

Gender – Masculine & feminine


Crystals to work with for Balance




Green Aventurine







Jasper (red)





Rose quartz








Tiger’s Eye





Tarot cards for balance:


The Lovers



Two of Swords

Four of Wands

Two of Cups


Herbs, plant, food and crystal correspondences were taken from:

A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Food

A Kitchen Witch’s World of Magical Plants and Herbs

Kitchen Witchcraft: Crystal Magic

The oracle card deck is:

Flower Magic

The tarot deck is Legacy of the Divine Tarot by Ciro Marchetti


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