Announcing Moggett, guest bloggers, and some minor housekeeping

Announcing Moggett, guest bloggers, and some minor housekeeping January 2, 2015

First, I’m pleased to announce that I will be having guest bloggers joining me from time to time in the upcoming year. First up is Mogget, who was a co-blogger with me before I left FaithPromotingRumor, and has a PhD in Biblical Studies. Whereas my graduate studies were heavy on language and philology, Mogs actually had some theology and interpretation, so expect good-but-different things, very soon.

Second and much less exciting, you may notice a decrease in pictures and full-length-articles in my posts. Because of the nature of Patheos, the parent host of this blog, I need to be much more careful about things like copyright and Fair Use. I actually need to go through all the posts from last year and label the source of all my images, if they can be kept at all.

Third, much as it embarrassed me,  I posted a bleg last July about time constraints, money, and my motivation for blogging here. As much as I hate it when NPR’s donation drive comes around, money is a necessary evil. I bowed my head, held out my hat, and much to my surprise, people responded. I was buoyed and encouraged by the sense of community and support.

However, there is an easier way for people who like this blog to support it beyond the direct model, with no added cost to you, the reader! Namely, buy whatever you would buy anyway from Amazon –diapers, computers, books, obscure spices, etc.–   but do it from this Amazon link (or any other Amazon link from this blog) and Amazon will send me a small marketing percentage. Save that link, make it a bookmark (depending on your browser, right-click the link and “add bookmark”), or bookmark this page. Whatever you buy on Amazon through that link supports this blog. I can’t see who is buying what, or where it goes, but it makes a huge difference to me that my skills and knowledge are  worth something to people, even if they can only support it through their normal purchases.

So thank you, dear readers, and look forward to good things from this blog in the next year.

Ben the Scribe

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