Listen To Your Blessed Mother (A Biblical Look At Mary)

Listen To Your Blessed Mother (A Biblical Look At Mary) August 22, 2019
Listen to your Blessed Mother by Gary Zimak
Listen To Your Blessed Mother (2013, Liguori Publications)

Several years ago, after surrendering my life to Jesus, I struggled to figure out what role the Blessed Mother should play in my life. Now that I was truly following Jesus, I wondered why she was important. Despite my confusion, however, I knew that she really did matter and I was determined to find out why. One day while praying, I felt called to open the Bible and locate all of her recorded words and appearances. It was a life-changing experience which led to the publication of my second book – Listen To Your Blessed Mother (Mary’s Words In Scripture).

From the publisher’s description:

Mary, the mother of Jesus, is recorded minimally in Scripture. Yet her words are filled with significance and rich meaning that can easily be misunderstood or misinterpreted by untrained hearers. Have you doubted Mary’s role in God’s plan based on the words of Scripture? Would you like to understand more fully what is intended when Jesus’ reaction is unexpected in relation to his Mother?

Gary Zimak explores both the spoken and unspoken words that Mary is recorded to have said and acted upon in the gospel narratives. The Word of God reaps manifold fruits in those who hear. Are we able to listen and understand the words of Mary in Scripture with open hearts?

Our Lady is a woman of few words, but when pondering with our hearts, we begin to understand that wisdom often begins in silence.

If you are struggling to understanding the role of the Blessed Mother, the Bible is a great place to start. I’d like to share my thoughts with you. You can purchase a copy of Listen To Your Blessed Mother HERE.

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