Seekers and Guides: Sit for a Spell Episode 19 – Lawncrafting

Seekers and Guides: Sit for a Spell Episode 19 – Lawncrafting July 4, 2015
"Lavender" by Lode Van de Velde. (Public domain image).
“Lavender” by Lode Van de Velde. (Public domain image).

For a time I did some YouTube instructional videos which I called “Sit for Spell;” the idea being to show one simple spell and/or charm or technique in short videos.  I decided recently to resurrect it for this column!  This is entirely filmed by my friends with my video camera on location so it’s not intended to be a professional production, but I hope you might enjoy it!  This is the most recent episode.  You can find the entire playlist here, and I will probably be posting back issues every now and then when the mood strikes me.

Episode 19: “Lawncrafting” – It’s Midsummer! Back after a long absence, Sable takes you on a tour of her yard in the Okanagan Valley, finding and talking about useful herbs that probably grow in your lawn. (Temperate zone 6A-6B)  Copyright (c) 2015. All rights reserved.

For more information, see Sable’s website:

Theme Music: “Piano Hollow Night” by TechnoAXE. Used by permission.  Photos copyright (c) 2015 by Jennica Duncan and Sable Aradia. All rights reserved.  Animation by Animoto.

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