Video: Okanagan Library Summer Reading Challenge Update July 17 #ORL #WorldsWithoutEnd

Video: Okanagan Library Summer Reading Challenge Update July 17 #ORL #WorldsWithoutEnd July 22, 2016

Update on my Vernon Library Summer Reading Challenge and my Worlds Without End reading challenges! Plus a short review of “Alas, Babylon” by Pat Frank.

I need to read a non-fiction book as part of the challenge! I do read a fair bit of non-fiction. What subject would you like me to read a book on?
1. Historical (usually nautical or war history, medieval and Renaissance history)
2. Scientific (usually astronomy or quantum physics)
3. Metaphysical (usually philosophy, Pagan theology or magick)

Confessions of a Geek Queen
Okanagan Regional Library (Vernon Branch) (scroll down for contest info and rules)
Worlds Without End Roll-Your-Own Reading Challenges
Review of “Alas, Babylon” at Goodreads
Science Fiction Masterworks Book Club at Goodreads

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