A Historical Site: 30 Days 30 Authors

A Historical Site: 30 Days 30 Authors July 13, 2017

redpoppyrostislavekralikAs part of our #30days30authors challenge, we were to tour a historical site.  I chose my local Cenotaph Park.  Every Canadian town, no matter how small, has a local cenotaph, which is our version of a town’s personal war memorial. Each cenotaph displays the names of local soldiers, sailors, airmen and marines who gave their lives in the conflict.  I didn’t get a good view of it because it was spontaneous, but this memorial shows primarily WWI names, with a smaller section for WWII casualties, and smaller sections still to represent the Korean War and the recent Gulf War conflicts.  I’m pleased that we have not yet had to add a name for the most recent Middle Eastern conflicts.

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