A Message from the Water Spirits

A Message from the Water Spirits September 6, 2017

Born out of the Water by Виталий Смолыгин. Courtesy Publicdomainpictures.net.
Born out of the Water by Виталий Смолыгин. Courtesy Publicdomainpictures.net.

Okay, I have a Witch’s message to share. I’m talking to the Pagans and any sympathetic spiritual paths who care to listen.

I am not prone to making public commentary like this because I often feel that people who do so are being arrogant and pretentious. Nevertheless, this is the vision I was given so I will share it as it was given to me. I’m not telling anyone what to do, but if you care to listen, this is what I feel I was asked to share. If this isn’t something you’re resonating with at this time, you won’t hurt my feelings. But I’ll thank people not to crap all over me about it. I’m doing this because if I believe in my faith, my faith moves me to do it, whether I look a fool or whether or not it’s popular.

Last night, as people came home from work, I felt something I have not felt in months – drops of rain! I live in the Okanagan Valley, BC. I immediately got my drum and began drumming up a rain dance. The wind blew and the spirits answered, but there was no rain. They had a message though.

They said that the spirits of Water in North America are angry. They said that even those of us who walk with the Earth have been neglecting them. I imagine that when the flooding happened here in the spring, a lot of us witchy types told them to go away. Now they’re having a temper tantrum. They’re giving us the silent treatment here and they’re raging elsewhere.

I begged them for rain and asked them how we could make it up to them. They asked us to go to the waterways near to us. First, clean up as much as we can. Remove debris, tidy garbage, etc. Then they asked us to celebrate them in ritual and make offering.

So I’m going to organize something like that here. I’m going to BX Creek over the next several days to do what I can. And I’ll take anyone who wants to come down to Okanagan Lake on the Equinox to do the same. Please share and do what you can in your own communities.

That’s all. Thanks for listening! Gods bless.

Update: There’s an event that’s being coordinated on Facebook. You can join it here.

Published simultaneously on 49 Degrees: A Canadian Pagan’s Perspective.

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