Attention Hobbit Wannabes—-Here is Your Big Chance

Attention Hobbit Wannabes—-Here is Your Big Chance October 12, 2011

First of all, you need to hurry on down to the Middle of the northern island in New Zealand. It’s only about 25 hours of flying from the eastern part of the U.S.  but well worth it.  Secondly,  you need to find Oamaru, and in particular a little road in hilly country where you will see various sheep farms (yes its true— in New Zealand the sheep out number the people about 10 to 1).   When you get there you will discover that Peter Jackson and company are looking for about 200 or so good elves and hobbits and even ordinary townspeople for the new films.   The requirements for each differ.

For example the acceptable age range for townspeople is 30-80.  Attention retirees with wrinkly faces.  Peter Jackson would like to see you.   For elves however you have to be between 17 and 35 years old, and at least 168 centimeters tall  (I’ll let you do the math).

Basically, if you are selected you need to be prepared to: 1) hang about waiting to be called upon; 2)  be patient, there are 12 hour filming days often;  3) you need to be ready to work with only 12 hours advanced notice.

Now here’s the bad news.  In the time it took for this news to get to me, and then to you. Peter Jackson had so many takers for the casting call…. he’s basically done, unless of course you have some singular quality that strikes his fancy.   But hey, its worth the trip just to see beautiful New Zealand.   Trust me,   I’ve been there, and even done the Hobbit tour of Oamaru.  You can see the proof above.

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