Attention Tea Party Advocates

Attention Tea Party Advocates October 13, 2011

Thanks Elizabeth.  There are no self-made persons in this country. And there would be no social fabric to this country were it not for taxes— no roads, no fire department, no police department, no traffic lights, no garbage collectors,  etc.  And as Elizabeth says, we have an obligation to those who come after us, to pay it forward.  For example, we need enough money in the S.S. system so my children will have it when their day comes to need it.  Frankly there are two things needed for that to happen: 1) of course we need to be fiscally responsible, and 2) no matter what, we need to RAISE TAXES.  Yes you heard me, raise taxes.  We need to all pay our fair share for living in the country we do, with the lowest tax rate in any industrialized Western democracy.  Sooooooo, it’s time to stop whining about taxes.    Do we need to reform the tax code so the wealthy pay their fair share—– you bet we do.  Do we need to reform the tax code to eliminate ridiculous loop holes?  Of course we do.  Should major corporations have to pay their fair share of taxes?  Of course they should.   Are there some people paying a disproportionate amount in taxes—- yes there are (see Warren Buffet’s point about himself and his secretary).

It is interesting that one of the things that both Jesus and Paul insist on is——- paying your taxes!    I’m just sayin’ –do your civic duty and stop whining. The fact that the tax code is not perfect is no excuse for screaming for lower taxes—- fix the code, and make sure everyone, including major corporations pays their fair share.   Enough said.

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