Proof Positive— Pigs Can Fly!

Proof Positive— Pigs Can Fly! September 20, 2015

Perhaps you have seen some variant of the following altered commercial about pigs flying…

But I have something far better than this sort of gimmicky mock up. I have actual pictorial proof that pigs can fly. One of the less well know stories about Neal Armstrong was what he insisted on taking with him to the moon, namely his pet pig, being the good Midwestern farm lad that he was. The problem was that NASA was not to know about this, and then there was the further problem that there was no porcine pig suit for the porker either. As it turned out, it didn’t matter. Pigs are not only super intelligent, their brains and systems require far less oxygen than humans. And so it was that directly after Armstrong landed on the moon and said ‘That’s one small step for man….’ his pig bailed out of the lunar module and went walk about on the moon. Here is the proof……


If you still have doubts about pigs flying, then I suggest you watch a few episodes of Sesame Street’s famous sketches entitled ‘Pigs in Space’, starring Miss Piggy of course, saying ‘holy mackerel!’.

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