At the Zoo– Part Three

At the Zoo– Part Three October 8, 2015

Some animals are just born comedians. I’m referring to the monkeys and their kin of course.

There is this sign that stands at the opening of the gorilla exhibit. It reads as follows….


This one however seems to have ignored all the necessary gorilla etiquette

The orangutans and monkeys were doing their usual thing, just hanging around….

Equally impressive were the fish exhibits which included beautiful coral and seahorses…

Here’s an interesting polka dotted skate….

There must have been a polka dotted theme at the undersea shopping mall because here is another fish that’s…..zoo49bt

Before we left the zoo, we wanted to see a few odd animals, and I was kind of hoping last of all to see a unicorn. First there was the dear old gangely giraffe….zooo2 Have you noticed how many exotic animals have rather exotic names… like for example— gazelles or springboks….zooo3

Finally, after endless looking I found my unicorn, the animal which in the middle ages was used as a symbol for Christ in art and architecture….

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