Turkey 2016 Part 13— The Gulet Boat to Turtleland

Turkey 2016 Part 13— The Gulet Boat to Turtleland July 5, 2016


Cruising down the coast in a Gulet boat with friends and great food is a blast…… and on this particular day we were entering the Dalyan river from the Aegean through a freshwater marsh jam packed with blue crabs and loggerhead turtles, that according to our guide got as big as 3 meters across…. the turtles love eating the crabs, and they lay their eggs on sandbanks in the marsh. Yep that’s me on the right side of the boat, and the eager lad poking his head through the life preservers is the newly minted Dr. Jason Myers….gul2 It would be hard to describe how beautiful Turkey is including from the water, but here is a shot that gives you a clue—gul3 Note the monumental Hellenistic tombs in the cliffs

in the distance. We were heading for the ancient site of Kaunos. gul4

Back to the turtles…. I’m not talking about these boys which are everywhere and are land turtles, box turtles as we call them.

Nope I mean their seafaring cousins…..gul6gul7gul8

As I said these are big ole boys, and that one is just a teenager, they get much bigger. Here’s what they were after…..gul9gul10

I agree with the turtles— blue crabs are yummy, whether you’re in Maryland or Turkey. We sampled a couple from the fishermen who are holding the crabs for the shot. Life is good on the Gulet boat— thanks Levent and Mel for some of these shots!!

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