Turkey 2016 Part 14– Knidos

Turkey 2016 Part 14– Knidos July 6, 2016

One of the advantages of doing the Gulet boat is you can go to places along the undulated coast of Turkey which are difficult or impossible to reach by land. One such place is the port called Knidos which St. Paul harbored off of according to Acts. 27.7. When we arrived we discovered a spectacular double port, both on the Aegean and on the Mediterranean, and it does indeed appear to be a safe haven for small boats, but also its a remote site, and there was this warning sign when it came to the one local shop near the site—kni1 You needed cold hard lira to get a guide book here. Here’s the shot from the boat as we came into the Aegean side port, a shot of the theater….

kni2 Yes there are boats that still harbor here….kni3 Here’s a closer look at the theater, as usual carved out of the rock on the side of a hill…kni5 This shot gives you a sense of the double harbor with a little piece of land in between….it also shows you Dr. Mark Wilsom and our intrepid guide Meltem…..kni6 This was not only a small town but a religious site as well, not surprisingly since sailors needed to have the protection of their deities before sailing, and would be making offerings…. notice the niche in the stone near the harbor, perhaps for a statue of a sea deity like Poseidon…..kni7 I didn’t actually expect to run into any Greek deities while on the site, but there is the ruins of the temple of Aphrodite, and lo and behold, I found an Aphrodite like figure, in an Aphrodite pose as well, kni8 (actually this is good friend Sarah Yeomans of the Biblical Archaeology Society posing here).
The site was clearly inhabited into the Byzantine era, and typical of the Byzantines they reused pieces of these temples to build their churches…..knid0

Among the more interesting items high up on the site above the theater is an ancient Hellenistic sundial—-see the lines in the bowl shaped feature at the top of the sundial….kni9 There was however nothing for the sun to shine off of leaving a proper shadow, so Majit, another Tutku guide, provided his shining dome… let’s see it seems to be about 10 in the morning depending on the angle of the sun on his golden dome….kni10 Here’s the sundial from the side….kni11
Here is the view from the top of the hill above the theater back to the Aegean harbor where our two Gulet boats were anchored…..kni12 Here’s the view from the agora below up towards the theater and the top of the hill…
kni13 And the view back towards the Mediterranean harbor….kni14 The remains of the circular temple at the top of the hill, perhaps the temple of Aphrodite, are quite beautiful, as is the Corinthian column nearby. kni15


The temple complex of Apollo is much larger,perched on this hill….kni17kni18kni19 The ancients of course were not just interested in fishing, worshipping, and eating, they also played games, and here is an ancient backgammon board carved into the rock near the agora…kni19 Not a lot remains of the ancient agora….kni20kni21, but clearly it was once grand….kni22kni23 but the view out to sea is still spectacular from any angle. This is the very picture of ancient ‘shelter from the storm’


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