Turkey 2016–Part 20– The Ephesus Meeting

Turkey 2016–Part 20– The Ephesus Meeting July 14, 2016

Visting Ephesus is always special, and Levent Oral has somehow figured out a way for us to meet there after hours for some lectures and some singing every May….We meet on the steps of the spectacular Celsus library which dates to the second century A.D. cel1cel2cel3cel4 Here’s me with my guide Meltem….cel5

In this case it was a perfect 70 degree night with a light breeze, and two west coast and one Australian university groups in attendance. cel6cel7 Here’s what the library would have looked like in antiquity on the inside….cel9 Here’s one of the Tutku folks, Sema, who makes these meetings possible. Her name means SKY….cel10 Here’s me with my former doctoral student Jason Myers who now teaches at Greensboro College and who also lectured there…. cel11 Here is the famous theater of Ephesus today, cel13 and here’s what it would have looked like in antiquity….cel8 Go back and read Acts 19-20 and think about a stadium full of people protesting Paul! There is lots more to see at Ephesus, which I’ve blogged about for many years. Here’s two final interesting artifacts…. the famous advertisement perhaps for a brothel, carved in the pavement….cel14 and a gladiator memorial….cel15

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