Turkey 2016–Part 21– The Miletus Museum

Turkey 2016–Part 21– The Miletus Museum July 15, 2016

Somehow, some way, I have always managed to get to Miletus when the museum was closed. Not this time! Let’s start with the new stuff in the courtyard outside of the museum…. here’s something I’ve never seen before, a memorial depicting the cages that the animals would be transported in, for them to participate in the gladiatorial games….. amazing! mil1 Here are some other animal monuments found outside the museum….mil3mil4

Miletus was a very important city in antiquity, a religious pilgrimage city, and unlike Ephesus, it survived well into the Byzantine era, and so there are remains from ancient Greece all the way up through the Byzantine period here in the museum. For example there are some nice crosses from the third or so century….mil2 Notice the strigils meant for scraping the skin….mil23


There are some excellent aerial shots and schematics of the ancient Miletus site in the museum….mil12mil11mil13 Like Knidos, this city had two harbors, though both were on the Aegean….mil14mil15 Here’s what the site looks like today from the air….mil16 There was a sacred road from Miletus to the sanctuary in Didyma…..mil17mil18mil19mil20 You might see a goddess statue along the way….mil21 Here are some ancient instructions about sacrifice found at Didyma….very interesting…mil25 and a description of the pilgrimage to the temple in Didyma….mil26 There were of course also dramas which accompanied the games….mil27 And as one wandered the sacred road one could look at the ancient tombs that lined the way…..mil7mil28

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