Pub–licity August 4, 2017

On our way from Dublin to Blarney (on which more later in another post), we stopped in Urlingford, at Hayes Pub. It is a beautiful traditional pub where they very kindly opened early and served us tea (or beer) and scones. Yummy. ur

Here’s our friendly barkeep and owner….

By traditional I mean it has traditional furniture, mirrors, taps, etc. It’s quite fetching.
ur3ur4 Pubs are not just places to go and have a beer, they are in fact community gathering places to watch football (i.e. soccer) or rugby, or play darts, or just make conversation. They also tend to have good food these days , and certainly beverages besides beer. It is frankly not much like going to a bar in America.

But my favorite thing about this pub was the sign posted near the Gents restroom…

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